Developing a Plan for the Urban Slums of the World

Each Urban Slum in the World is slightly different even though the humanitarian problems are similar. There is lawlessness, poverty, unhealthy conditions, drugs and a sense of despair and huge barriers to upward mobility. Recently our online think tank did a study and came up with a viable plan to fix the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Now we are developing a “Part II” to the Nairobi Action Plan, actually it involves a modularized set of systems, “a la carte” so to speak, where all the various strategies are available for such things as making brick, cargo container businesses, self-policing, educational training, solar power, sewer treatment, etc.

The follow-up plan is still in progress and it is designed like a “Franchise” type system which would be hooked to funding, aid and grants. The entire system since it is modularized could also be used for future space colonies too. The modularized system can be used anywhere. In other nations the problems are much different, although in a way they are the same. One size does not fit all.

If we created an Organizational Prototype plan for regional variation to fix the urban slum conditions were nearly a billion people currently live in these situations around the globe, we surely would not sell it, we would give it away. Indeed, I have written an article on some of what you describe and pretty much agree, my article has to do with 1-week plan turn-around and a mixing of components or modules, along with funding.

There is no easy way to rid the planet of Urban Slums and thus it will take a good solid plan and a lot of hard work to make the dream a reality, but it can be done. The Online Think Tank believes the answer lie right around the corner and a new tomorrow is on its way.