Will You Benefit From The Freehold Right to Buy?

Many people assume that buying a flat means agreeing to a leasehold arrangement. In many cases this is true. It is why it is always important to read the terms of such a lease before making your purchase, because it enables you to see how long the lease has left to run.

However there is another possibility. Some flats are now coming up for sale on a freehold basis. This occurs when the current or previous owner has decided that buying a freehold on the property is a good idea – and they would be right.

If you could make a list of a similar array of flats, for sale either with a freehold or a leasehold basis – you would no doubt see that the selling price for those with the freehold attached would be higher. It is not difficult to see why this would be the case. A flat with a leasehold arrangement would decrease in price if the leasehold happened to be particularly short. A freehold however means that the freehold right to buy had been exercised and future owners would not have to worry about a lease running out.

There are many reasons why deciding to buy a freehold has become popular in the last few years. The idea of proper ownership is definitely a big plus, and owing to the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 it is possible to make this happen. Buying the freehold is a good decision to make if you can finance it, because it improves the selling price and makes your flat more appealing to potential future buyers. It also means you have more control over the maintenance of your home, since you will no longer have a landlord to control things.

It should not come as a surprise to learn that thousands of flats every year go through the freehold right to buy process. With many advantages to doing so you can see that flat owners are willing to go through the legal process in order to attain their right to buy. Deciding to buy a freehold gives them more security for the future, and it may provide you with more security in many different ways as well. The more you look into the idea of doing this, the more you see how much it makes sense to ensure you own your flat outright. It is definitely preferable to the alternative of leasing it, even if it is for a long time.

The Urban Detective

Here are my secrets on the discipline of farming a geographical area and how to get an instant result, rather than the long way or working too hard and then having to wait months for people to know and trust you enough to do business with you.
The first mistake sales people make is taking on a farming patch with too many houses in it. The ideal number is 480 homes. And there is a clever reason for this? I’ll tell you in a minute, but before that you need to know some very important facts:
It is statistically proven that if you increase the number of times you make contact with someone from 6 to 8 times per year you will have a 200% more chance of doing business with them.
Most focus marketing or farming area strategies takes 9 months to give the real estate sales person a pay back, most agents give up after 6 months.
The reason for this is their areas are too big, they don’t get the coverage they need to be effective and then they either get to busy or too lazy to continue the discipline.
So you want to contact each home 8 times a year, which is every 6 weeks to maximise the chances of doing business. So you need to contact 480 homes divided by 6 or 6 sub areas each with 80 homes
One sub area gets covered off each week; it will take you a 6 week cycle to get right around your patch.
Now the famous 80/20 rule applies here. Some streets will have more sales than others over the year. So search the statistics to see where the action is. Focus first on the streets that sell, the ones with the highest turnover first.
Now here is the secret! The secret to your mindset here. Rather than going out there to build ‘trust’, make friends and wait for the vendors to call you, You need to see yourself as an Urban Detective? Its up to you to uncover the next listing and some Sherlock Holmes attitude here is essential? It is up to you to set the pace, not the passive response from your farming area.
Just like CSI or the FBI you need to start to uncover the scene of the crime! As you make contact with the people in your patch, you will need to have some key questions that will lead you on the DNA trail to the next listing opportunity? Scripts like “Of all the people you know, who do you think will be the next person to sell or buy a home” “who do you think would like to live in this street”
AND “if I was to find them a house in this street or area which house do you think is likely to come on the market next?
AS these questions feed you the answers follow them up promptly! How often do you hear of a sales person getting a tip off and then delaying the follow-up, only to drive past a few days later to see a competitor sign in front of the house? It is the quick and the dead?

The next secret is that there are only two really effective ways to prospect a farming area, that is either belly button to belly button (face to face) or equally as effective and far more efficient is over the phone. Hiding behind letter box flyer drops, random emails or brochures will not cut it. In reality they give you less than a 2% result.

the better option is to maximise the opportunity with your ‘Sphere of Influence’ database by taking a strategy of working through the contact you are speaking with, to who they know, not coming across strongly to make them do business with you, but getting them to tell you what is happening in the market place and guiding you off in the right direction to the people they know are about to do some real estate business. You train them to find business for you!

Another secret here is to work quickly to form some Power leads, these are the people in your farming area that are real networkers, have a large sphere of influence and can really put you in front of the right people. They ideally have children at more than one school are active sports or hobbyists and are members of a number of local clubs and organisations. Equally important is that they are doing business themselves within the community.

Great referrers or what I call Power leads should be well rewarded for their referrals, after all they could give you 5 this week, while another person at best might give you one house to sell this year! Rewarding them might be in the form of a gift, or a return referral might have even more value.
Power leads will continue to support you along as you treat them very well and
So start today by getting organised in your farming area, focus on a manageable number of homes that is efficient and effective!
Also go where the money is, start working the streets where you know the houses have a greater turnover and more commissions can be earned.
If you can create a disciplined process to this secret strategy it will generate a huge month of seemingly effortless income within a very short time. Just don’t give up before it starts to kick in. It’s all about working smarter not harder.
This action plan will put you in the perfect position to implement a very successful year of selling Real Estate.

Looking Down on Germany – Tips for a Shift in Mentality of the Urban Photographers

I truly believe that in human mentality we have to keep making shifts of all kind, due to the technology’s progress. What wasn’t accessible 20 years ago now is there, inviting you, for a pretty low price. We, as photographers, should change our thinking, too, to make our photography to stand out. The difference between the long-term photographer and a tourist or enthusiast does not consist anymore in the gear, but in the unseen and perseverant passion that impacts every photograph we take. I want to share with you a vision-changing experience that I will always remember with enthusiasm.

So, when I visited Germany recently, I made an exciting sightseeing of a beautiful medieval city called Regensburg. Its history goes back to the Romans, who built here a town called Ratisbona. After the Romans left, the city knew its peak of success about the 16th century, when it was a very important commercial and cultural centre. This is the place where Johann Keppler lived and studied the astronomy, mathematics and physics. Nowadays it still has a well known university, and a very flourishing cultural life.

Crowded with tourists, there seemed to be no difference between them and myself. It was looking like a photography conference about urban photography. They chose the same spots like myself, and, by chance, even better ones. Like any experienced craftsman, we know that we are not afraid by the newcomers – except of the geniuses. We know that we can do better than them by choosing different moments of the day, different types of weather conditions, or try to find innovative compositions.

So I spent as much time as I needed to photograph Regensburg’s most famous buildings: the Stone Bridge, the St. Peter Dome, the painting of David and Goliath on the exterior of a 13th century building, the Old Chapel in Kornmarkt built in the 9th century and refurbished in a superb rococo style, cafes, narrow medieval streets, and the blue and peaceful Danube with all its ships. I tried to capture them in a less classic style, to make them be different than a tourist’s pictures. Thanks to my great guide I even climbed to the tower of an Evangelical church, to make some pictures from above. That was a good addition to the difference and impact of pictures, but not enough.

I was offered the chance to be the copilot the next day for a 90 minutes flight on a 2 seated motor glider, from Regensburg, Germany, to Sankt Johann in Tirol, Austria. This flight has helped me to have the revelation regarding how to take my urban photography to the next level. Because of the little room we had in the plane, I was allowed to take only one camera, one lens, and one filter, so I chose the Nikon D300s and the Nikkor 17-55 mm with 2.8, with the UV filter attached to it. I noticed that because of the short length at 55 mm I could compose comfortably. When the lens’ length was approaching its maximum physical dimension, the end of the lens had to stay outside, in the whole of the window, and it was blowed by the air with a very strong force, making almost impossible to photograph. I would not recommend a long telephoto lens if you are for the first time in the aircraft.

Or, if it is possible, I would climb in it and check if there is plenty of place to operate a big sized lens and camera. My personal opinion is that a 4 GB card would be enough for one hour, baring in mind that you will push the shutter with lots of excitement. If you are a raw shooter, you would also need your photographer’s vest, to have more cards at hand. The good news for the desperate coffee drinkers is that there is a place where you can keep your bottle so good coffee and great photography could go together very well.

The idea of flying in a small aircraft like that could be frightening for the beginner. Somebody told me after such a flight that it was nice, but he would not recommend it to anybody. I realized that too much thinking would make my mental condition worse, so I grabbed my camera, and started shooting. I did not have too much flexibility, being tied with the safety belts much tighter than in the ordinary airplanes. But it did not affect the excitement of being up, in the sky, and, of course, having a different perspective! In less than 10 minutes the Alps have appeared, giving an incredible and unforgettable scenic view. We were at a certain time at about 8-9,000 feet high, over the mountain called Dachstein (meaning stone roof), with a ground speed of 100 miles per hour.

Like in a cinema, the view changes all the time, and you would like to get rid of the safety belts and move everywhere like a child, catching the image that you always dreamed of. Obviously, the pastures are always greener at the neighbor – on the pilot’s side there were also beautiful views, and for the unique ones we had to change the direction of the aircraft, to be able to photograph them. During the flight we crossed the Alps, and we passed by the highest peak, called Grosslockner, having about 3,700 m.

The Austrian town where we stopped was impressive. I saw some buildings from the 13th century that had flowers painted on them in a traditional way that I did not remember to see elsewhere. It was a colorful place, and in its background it was sitting the Wilder Kaiser (meaning the savage king) mountain, as if it was placed there for the benefit of the visual artists. Seeing these wonderfully painted buildings I had to reconsider my preconceptions regarding the medieval people and the so called dark ages. On our way back to Regensburg, my guide chose a different route, and we were fortunate to see from above the Chiem See – a superb lake with plenty of boats sailing. There is located the Chiemsee Palace, and the monastery on a neighboring island. The palace was built by King Ludwig the second in the 1880s.

As you probably see, the title is just a play of words. I effectively looked down from the plane, and I was stunned by the sophistication and good taste of the German people. I would highly recommend a trip like this to any serious photographer. I see no reason why you guys wouldn’t fly above Paris, London or New York, and enrich your portfolio with images that would highly impress the people interested in your work. The price to hire a 4 seated plane is about 25 Euros for every 15 minutes, but a motor glider is even cheaper. One hour would be enough for a big city, for a start. I’m sure the next days you would repeat the flight in order to improve the pictures after learning from your few mistakes made in the first trip.

And don’t worry about the shaking of the aircraft! It is so stable (on a calm day) that you don’t even realize that you are moving. The most important thing you have to ask your pilot is if there is a whole in the window in order to make clear photographs. Otherwise the trip would be worthless. The second question would be if the pilot is happy and flexible to fly around certain places or buildings of interest, in order to secure you the right angle for the shot. Having said that, I assure you that you will live the most exciting moments of your life that will fully enrich your experience, and in addition to that you will also make some photos that you will always remember.