Flaunt Your Tools For the Urban Professional Effortlessly!

Admittedly, tools for the urban professional progressed from being status symbols to essential communication and information tools. In fact, you will neither be caught dead in the office without them nor be tortured into admitting you do not possess them. Some die-hard techie urban professionals even go so far as to name their babies, er, gadgets!

However, even if these tools for the urban professional are not the status symbols they once were, you can still flaunt them! Why, you ask? Well, because these tools for the urban professional can attest to your professional success, your personal taste, and your pursuit of perfection. Here is how.

Choose Only the Best

Often, the best tools for the urban professional are the latest models in the market. This does not mean, however, that you should be beside yourself when something new does come along. You have to assess whether your old cellphone and laptop still suit your lifestyle perfectly or if you need new models to keep updated on new features.

When you do decide that you need the latest features in cellphones and laptops, keep these hottest innovations in mind when searching for your new toys, ahem, tools for the urban professional:

– For cellphones – QWERTY keyboard on smart phones for its ease of use in text messaging; very handy for when you want to make your girlfriend’s day with cute messages and for when you want to tell your boss things that should never be said in his face.

Cellphones with dual connection that allow for both a phone network and a Wi-Fi connection; very useful in traveling in and out of the country as well as for its fast Internet connection.

Look for cellphones with wider music capabilities that deliver entertainment on a wider range with fewer wires, even connect to a Bluetooth. Remember that tools for the urban professional perform multiple functions much as their owners do.

Cameras are the urban professional’s best friend. Look for cellphone cameras with at least 5 megapixel capabilities for that clearer shot. This feature of tools for the urban professional is great for impromptu visits to construction sites and espionage purposes.

– For laptops – Look for high-definition content that allows you to view clearer, sharper and brighter images than with older models. You can always test-run the laptop at the store before actually buying it. If you find one with a mini-remote control like that of Apple’s, snap it up!

Opt for trendier styles with obviously designer touches when considering tools for the urban professional. Nowadays, silver interiors and bright colors are the fashion; forget about your black plastic cases and go for the metallic and the pearlized look instead.

And oh, yes. For both of these tools for the urban professional, the dictum is the slimmer, the better.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Now that you have these most coveted and most useful of tools for the urban professional, the next logical step is to accessorize them and to make them perfect personal accessories.

– Dress smartly or casually, according to the occasion. While it is true that these tools for the urban professional – cellphones and laptops – go well with any outfit, be sure to dress in a way that befits your stature as an urban professional. Stay away from boho and hobo chic!

– If desired, encase your laptop in a stylish laptop cover. You will be protecting it from dust, scratches and other external damage and considering the cost of these tools for the urban professional, it will be wise to invest in one. However, choose one in solid colors to project an aura of professionalism. Pink Hello Kitty is cute but is not cutthroat.

– Carry your tools for the urban professional in stylish leather cases/bags. Of course, a backpack is fine on casual Saturdays but leather is best for its durability and quality, not to mention its professional style.

– Make sure you have the right accessories for your tools for the urban professional. For laptops, security cables, portable laptop desks, and presentation devices are good investments.

With proper choosing and proper accessorizing, you will come up with tools for the urban professionals that are worth flaunting in front of colleagues. You are making an impression of professional and financial success, good personal taste in your choice of accessories, and your pursuit of perfection in finding the best tools for the urban professional to suit your needs.

But ultimately, the best way to flaunt your tools for the urban professional is to actually know how to use them!

Teen Talk – Phrases From the Urban Dictionary You Should Know

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the so-called “urban dictionary,” it’s probably because you’re too old for it or you’ve been living under a rock. The “urban dictionary” is composed of street slang that is used by teens in their everyday language. While the collection of words are ranging from the appropriate to the absurd or explicit ones, the dictionary is not to be taken seriously and used just for fun.

Here are a few of the latest phrases from the urban dictionary you should know. One of the recent phrases submitted to the website is shoulder tapping. The phrase means using the help of other person over the age of 21 to buy alcohol for the underage. When used in a sentence, here is a good example. “Let’s go clubbing tonight, but I lost my fake ID so let’s just do some shoulder tapping.”

Above is an example of the phrases used in different contexts and situations. Once a phrase is submitted to the urban dictionary, there are also features on the website that allows users to rate the phrase up or down. Let’s look at another phrase and its usage.

The slang is “food douche.” It basically critic about a food item because you’ve tasted better. Here is a conversation between friends:

Friend 1: I love this burger

Friend 2: It sucks, I’ve tasted better.

Friend 1: Will you stop being a food douche?

If you are a parent or guardian, you might want to check out the phrases from the urban dictionary you should know to understand your teen better and to be able to relate to the current trends. The urban dictionary is pretty cool because it covers different topics ranging from fashion to music and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at one example for fashion.

“What a cute shress that girl is wearing.” Yes, you read it right. The shress is an article of clothing that is a fusion of a shirt and a dress. This could mean an oversized shirt that is still chic enough to be a dress.

If girls are teased for PMS or mood swings just before their period, the urban dictionary also came up with a phrase for the male counterpart; the phrase is known as manstration. The usage in a sentence is “Why are you whining and complaining? Are you on your manstration?”

Don’t get offended if someone tells you you’re a good hang. It is not an insult, rather a compliment. It actually means you’re fun to be with.

There are thousands of phrases in the urban dictionary that are worth reading- and using, if you are a teen. Some of them are even used in songs of young music artists. The dictionary is growing in popularity because it’s hip to learn these new words and phrases that teenager’s use. You could also see the creativity of the phrases (such as combination of words) or coming up with new phrases to fill the dictionary.

The Birth of the Urban Street Wear Gorilla

Street wear is this giant mythical creature every clothing brand wants to be part of but is not sure how to make the puzzle pieces fit to make it happen. It is kind of like the popular kids in high school that everyone wants to hang out with but you keep getting shunned when you try to get too friendly. It is an industry that has spawned just over the last decade or so and has slowly morphed into a runaway train driven by a 500 pound gorilla. Some people say the phrase “street wear” is overly used and they are probably right yet you can’t deny its existence. Clothing brand companies realized some time ago it’s all the rage to be “urban”. Urban clothing brands have created this hip-chic industry where people would rather buy a new t-shirt or a pair of limited edition sneakers instead of paying their electric bill. Who needs light when you look fly as hell right?

You see, I can write this article because I personally witnessed the transition of this industry first hand growing up. When I was 6 years old my parents handed me a skateboard for my birthday and I never put it down. I wish I still had that skateboard; a pink Nightmare on Elm Street skateboard with banana yellow wheels. It was pretty ill at the time. I quickly started reading every skateboard magazine out there. I think I had a 10 year subscription to Thrasher. I can almost remember every skateboard magazine cover dating back to about 1986 and I’ve watched the culture and style change and evolve radically over the years. Almost 25 years later that same industry that was once frowned upon is now thriving. At that time, skateboarding was just not “accepted” and most people where not very friendly towards skaters themselves; if you had a skateboard you where a hoodlum plain and simple. It was not accepted by any one or any culture at the time. When people saw you carrying a skateboard they got scared thinking you were going to steal their purse. Now skateboarding is in the Olympics!

In 1986 I got my first taste of the skater style and that was the beginning of the street wear industry for me. I watched brands like Vision, Airwalk and Powell Peralta pave the way for urban brands today. Many urban clothing inspirations today stem from what the god fathers of street wear created so many years ago. Without them the industry would not be what it is today.

Brands quickly started realizing that kids where really starting to dig this stuff. Branded t-shirts, hats and anything else you can think of slowly started flying off all store shelves. I remember doing all my school shopping from a California Cheap Skates catalog for like 5 years in a row; at that time BMX was just getting started as well creating a whole new extension into the urban street wear community. Back then, it was Chuck Taylors and the Red Hot Chili Peppers that sculpted today’s urban street wear crowd. Now urban idols and figures are on the covers of some of the most mainstream magazines, cereal boxes and flooring commercials across the globe representing their favorite street wear brands.

When hip hop found its way onto the scene it changed things. Not for better or for worse it just added another element to the industry. This was another way for brands to capitalize on a whole new urban demographic. I remember being about 12 years old and being the only person at school listening to Black Sheep, and I loved it! Today the marriage between hip hop and skateboarding style created a catalyst for what the street wear industry is today. As southern California skateboard culture swept from west cost to east coast, inner city kids quickly started creating a new type of benchmark for the skateboarding culture we see today. Kids today are exposed to some of the best style elements and we quickly started to see the urban undertones entering the skateboard clothing industry. We were still many years away from the Nike SB but everything was starting to point at that direction. A movement was quickly born and now brands everywhere use a skateboard or a BMX rider to promote their brands and get the word out even further. It is “hip” to be part of that niche community and it is only getting stronger. Little kids who barely have their driving permit are buying houses for their parents from the money they make in this industry.

Yes, many brands try to drop the street wear tag line into their brand but the reality is that this is an industry that is fiercely getting larger and stronger. New brands are popping up each and every day and they are making things very interesting. Just when you think you have seen it all, a brand surrounded by a Lego theme pops up totally stimulating your creative senses. The street wear industry is a movement for the youth and we are going to see some radical evolvement come from this gorilla in the very near future.