The Urban Legend of Eight Glasses a Day

We’ve been taught from early in our education that it is necessary to consume eight glasses of water every day. That’s a full gallon. However, researchers going over past studies could not find even *one* study that supports that claim. It appears to fit the bill of urban legend.

What about the other claims made about increasing water intake? There are many benefits touted about the beverage. Are they also legend? Probably not all of them. Our body is, on average, two thirds water. The only two factors that change that are body size and whether or not we’re chronically dehydrated.

Body Temperature: When we get overly warm, our body’s natural response is to perspire. The warmer it is, the more we sweat, whether it’s hot weather or intense activity. If we’re dehydrated, we begin to lose the ability to do so, which can cause core temperatures to rise.

Detoxification: The primary job of the kidneys is to remove waste products from our body. Lack of proper hydration puts a strain on them, and also on the liver, which has to act as a back up filter. Under these circumstances, not all of the waste gets removed, and must circulate in the blood stream until it returns.

Energy: Energy from stored fat is provided due to our metabolism. Lack of proper fluid intake, even if it is minor, can interfere with this process. That’s one of many reasons people use water in an effort to lose weight. You might try this experiment. The next time you feel fatigued in the middle of the day, grab a glass of water. You could see an increase in energy.

Moisturizer: For optimum skin, joints and lungs, adequate hydration is required. In fact, it will help every system and every organ in your body. Our brains are up to 90% water, so the addition may even help you think more clearly.

How much is needed? This is where some calculations need to be added. In case you’re worrying about having to down a gallon of fluid, that isn’t always necessary and may not be healthy for smaller people and children. You can have too much of anything, including water.

Juices, fruits, vegetables and even canned foods can provide some of the needed liquids. Coffee, tea and colas are less likely to be helpful, as they contain caffeine, a natural diuretic. Sports drinks, under the proper conditions, can also be added into the plus side of the column.

People who live in a dry climate do require more. The weather will play a big role in deciding proper amounts. If you engage in heavy duty exercise or play a sport, you may also need more. Before choosing water for this, however, speak to your coach or your doctor. You may actually need something that will increase electrolytes instead.

There are three signs of dehydration to look for when trying to figure out how much liquid you need per day, aside from those mentioned above. Darker than normal urine, especially if it has a strong smell is one symptom. Cracked, dry lips can also be a problem. If you can take a pinch of the skin on the back of your hand and it takes a while before it returns to normal, that’s a very good sign of the problem.

Water is an important part of our daily diet, and ignoring it can lead to many medical conditions. Take a look at your body and make sure that you are getting enough of the right types of fluid. That will help you to maintain optimal health.

Engravable Pens and Other Great Gift Ideas For the Urban Male

Finding a great gift for a girl friend does not take longer than 20 minutes. Whether you are browsing through online shops, or you are milling around the department store. You can give a girl a dainty hair brush, a set of handkerchief, a lovely stuffed toy, engravable pens or an exquisite angel figurine, and she would accept it with a huge, sincere grin. Finding presents for a girl is fun, uncomplicated and rewarding. Nothing beats seeing the look on your girl friend’s face as she opens your lovely, albeit cheap, gift.

Males, on the other hand, are a bit more complicated to please. If finding a present for a girl takes, at most, 20 minutes, finding a guy some gift will take nearly an entire day. Even finding something to engrave on engravable pens for males takes a lot longer. Whatever the occasion, whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s day, birthdays or weddings, finding testosterone-friendly gifts can be quite an ordeal.

So, to ease up on your worries, here are five great gift ideas for the urban male. Before you browse any further through some online gift shoppe or head right down to the mall, better read this:

1. Perfumes

Choose perfumes with known brands, not the real cheap ones that seem like cologne mixed with water. Be careful in choosing this gift item, though, because the Internet is flooded with fake perfume brands. What are the most famous perfume brands among males? You can go for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Clinique and Courvioser. With perfumes, you can not go wrong. Well, unless the recipient is allergic to perfumes that is. If so, you can always opt for pocket business card holders or a silver business card case.

2. Leather wallets

These are probably one of the most widely given gifts for males in the history of mankind. You can give your dad, your brother, your uncle, your boyfriend, your teacher, your grandfather and your kids leather wallets, and they will surely appreciate it. Finding a leather wallet is hassle-free. You can find tons of it in department stores or on the Web. Go for real leather — these are a lot sturdier than the knock-offs. When shopping online, be sure to find a reliable online seller. When shopping in malls… well, it would be a lot easier since you could immediately tell if the wallet is real leather or not.

3. Engravable pens

The ever reliable engravable pens. This one ought to top the list. Engravable pens are actually more popular gift ideas than leather wallets. Engravable pens can be given to just about anyone — any male that is. Find quality pens, such as Parker or Cross, just to make sure the engravable pen is extra special. Now for that harder part, what do you usually engrave on those pens? Names are a bit too common. Proverbs and inspirational quotes are way too cheesy for the male species. So what do you engrave on the pens? You could merely engrave one word which means something really special to the recipient. For instance, you can put in “Dad” on your dad’s engravable pen.

Becoming Sound-Proof Right In The Middle Of The Urban Jungle

Noise is increasingly becoming a big problem in many areas of urban life. The constant racket from morning, noon and night can create a nagging headache and a sense of nervous irritation all day long. If allowed to continue for long periods of time can even be detrimental to good health. Although sometimes noise can be unavoidable, it must be kept at tolerable levels. Fortunately, these days, sound barrier solutions are available in every facet of living including domestic, commercial and commuting.

Domestic bliss with adaptable fence wall solutions

When the neighbors’ noisy living arrangements begin to encroach on their surroundings, it is time to install acoustic walls to keep out the din and keep in the privacy. These flexible fence panel solutions are known for their exceptional noise control ability. Furthermore, they can be installed by anybody in a fast efficient manner that is lenient on the environment. Once mounted, they can also be painted to complement the theme and style of any domestic residence. The ideal paint color can be applied using a brush, roller or paint spray. These modern fiber fence panels are also designed to resist harsh weather conditions like hurricanes and gales, dents and warping from children playing and also pesky insects like spiders. Anybody with a serious need for personal privacy can afford this noise-free solution.

Nurturing the genius within using commercial sound proof walls

Working class people normally wish they could work in a place free from unnecessary distractions and interruptions from both machines and humans from near and far. This has become possible with the modern new acoustic walls for use around commercial premises and even parking places. This tough fiber designed walls can be installed in a fast efficient manner. They can also be painted in line with the corporate colors and themes to bring out the professional finish. Their solid durable look also makes them appear like stone walls and this adds to the security of any office or factory’s equipment or vehicles. Noisy factories do not need to worry about breaking environmental noise laws since their production process does not interfere with their neighbors. These adaptable walls can also be made to look trendy by choosing a wall capping finish that is fashionable.

Enjoying harmony in the traffic using roadway sound barricades

When waking up in the morning, nobody wants their morning ruined by the continuous roadside rage created by impatient and reckless drivers honking and insulting at the same time. The best road to use is one that has sound proof acoustic roadway sound barricades. These sturdy walls can only take a matter of days to install and do not require any bolts for completion. They also look identical on both sides of the wall. The flexible walls are also height adjustable and provide, in addition to sound proofing, dust proofing as well. This ensures increased safety for both pedestrians and vehicles. Painting can be completed using spray or roller and also to keep away graffiti artists, who are always on the prowl to tarnish clean surfaces. To add security to these public acoustic walls, additional spikes or razor wire can be added to prevent over climbing. They can also be made portable for easy movement where required.

In future noise levels are set to increase because of rising population levels. This can spell doom for anybody who is constantly exposed to high noise levels wherever they go. This is because; studies have shown that constant high noise levels are very detrimental to the psychological health of any individual. Modern acoustic fence panels are the future of a noise-free world because they are affordable, effective and simple to install.