The Urban Style – The Style of Choice for Men in 2011

Lets face it, the last few years in men’s fashion have been somewhat of a roller coaster to say the least. With the year of 2010 behind us we can start to look back at the similarities and differences of the previous years and notice some distinct trends that have evolved. While in the early part of the 2000’s men had somewhat of a conservative viewpoint on fashion and stuck to mainly the essentials. Some men even considered wearing a polo t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans dressing up, however around 2004-2005 something started to change. Men started to become more attentive to their style and appearance and many started to wear items like an expensive pair of jeans with buttons on the pockets, which were probably similar to the same pair that they vowed they would never wear just a year before.

As men began to purchase and wear more expensive and colorful clothing, some designers might have made a mistake in pushing the fashion a little too much on an uncommitted and new audience. With designers like Ed Hardy coming out with outrageous designs that were not doubt masculine, many believe that they might have pushed to envelope a bit. It is important to remember that this trend actually hit right before we experience the financial bubble being popped and being thrown into one of the toughest times economically, the $80 t-shirt just did not seem to be as appealing as it did earlier.

Due to multiple factors men’s style and fashion seems to have slightly started slipping back into a more conservative style the last two years and with the economy recently at one of the lowest spots in the last decade it is only understandable that men have found a wiser and better place for their money.

The good news is that the economy is on the rise and although men are already beginning to purchase nicer clothes and accessories as that money is becoming more available. While every man has it in himself the desire to stand out and feel attractive many do not like to do so in a flaunting way and have no desire to draw a ton of attention to them, especially by the way they dress. There is one thing that is for sure, a more conservative style compared to 2007-08 and a more stylish appearance than the early 2000’s is here. Welcome to the modern and urban style.

The urban style is more of a professional and conservative approach, but that does not mean that it is plain and boring. Men are switching over from the loud and proud bright colored shirts that scream look at me, to a more clean and confident look that is definitely noticeable but does not look like you are trying to prove a point. Item such as men’s shoes are heading back to a manlier and squared toed appearance. While it’s not official just yet, it might be close to the point where can finally kiss those pointed shoes that were pretty much a replica of the girls goodbye.

Without a doubt the demand for stylish and attractive men’s clothing and accessories is on the rise. One thing that is for certain is that men are starting to take charge of their appearance and style. With its masculine attributes minus all the glitter the modern and urban style is already starting to take control of the market and is now sitting on the shelves where the once ever so popular pink t-shirts resided just a couple of years ago.